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I Survived Comic-Con!

I have many, many images from San Diego to share, but mainly I want to say "THANKS!" to all the wonderful Wirehead's fans and newbies who came by our Small Press table, said Hi, listened to my pitches and bought stuff! Comic-Con was Awesome and the crowd's responded really well to "Zombie Bunnies!" Seems like Wirehead's struck a nerve there. A nerve which we will begin teasing and taunting greatly over the next year. By the time San Diego comes around again, we should be well on our way to the Hall of the Zombie Bunny Queen! [salute].

So, right now, I'm at work, waiting on a render (note to self: What to do while waiting on a render? Update your Blog!), so I don't have the pix with me. Tonight, I will start putting them in.

The table was fun and I had the BEST NEIGHBORS surrounding me! Randy of WCG Comics! and Tim, founder/creator of Comic Foundry! You guys were great! Hope we can do it again next year.

More to come.
- Jimbo

Okay, well, August has been amazingly busy, so here are FINALLY some Comic-Con images (Can we get a small "Yeh?"):

This is the Wireheads Booth in the Small Press Area (aisle 1500). And another view of it.

Did you see us? We were right next to The Comic Foundry (2008 Eisner nominee). They were really nice, enthusiastic people; especially after lunch when they woke up! Here they are -- Tim, Laura and Michelle! (Awake, it must be afternoon).

Also, on the other side of my booth, my other neighbor was a super nice guy, writer and artist, Randy Reynaldo, who creates the comic "Rob Hanes" from WCG Press. Great inking style and comic-style, a sort of "Terry and the Pirates" look, but brought up to date adventures. His daughter was the cutest BatGirl ever.

Here are several views from my hotel room of the Convention Center (and the fireworks over the bay):

Plus, as usual, there were many, many cool cosplayers venturing by. Here is just a sample:


Captain Jack -- nice sword.

Penguin and frends.

Poison Ivy - She had a different character costume every DAY! I think she was schilling for someone down the aisle.

A bevy of Bounty Hunters. Love the look on the 2 boys faces.

Yeah, the non-cosplayer is me! Finally getting out from behind the booth.
And no wonder...

And I wonder how many people really remember Plastic Man!

And the aisle I was on (against the back wall) was ALWAYS busy. A lot of folks stopped by to inquire about Zombie Bunnies. We sold all our buttons (in 24 hours -- note to self), the t-shirts sold out by day 3, and the books by the last day. I guess you guys like Zombie Bunnies. Look for a lot more of them in the strip coming soon.

This guy was Johnny-on-the-spot since Mummy3 had just come out!

And of course, Comic-Con would not be complete without a visit to Jennie Breeden in her booth. Funny. She looked at me the second time a came by and said, "You look really familiar. Should I know you?" I gave her a hug, smiled and walked off.

That's it for this year. I'm hoping to find some looneys like myself for next year, 2009, who want to form a co-op and get a nice booth on the floor. Any takers?!

See you soon.
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